Help With Tortuous Situations


You know what tortuous sounds like, don't you? Don't torture yourself with that memory of tortuous. It refers to something long and winding, such as a long and winding path.


But what a whole room of masochists has to say is agonizing: “We are agonizing! Painful! " It literally means something painful, such as a painful poke in the eyes with a blunt object.


In the world of torture, it is a good thing for someone to torture others is to encourage them to do so. After all, this is their room! Call them and tell them that your room is a hot torture bed, that there is no room for pain, that you have been tortured, and so on. But screaming is only one tool in this fight against torture. There are other tools that can help you.


It is easy to get help with a painful one, but if you don't get help, it will only make you worse. First, remember that this is their room. They need to be free to tell their tormentor what they are going through, and if they feel better, tell others about it.


Second, get emotional support. Make sure your family and friends understand what you are going through and that you are not alone. The more people you tell, the more you can talk to your tormentor. If they feel that you are using them, they will stop torturing you, which means that you will stop torturing yourself.


Finally, try mental health care. Even if your tormentor is suffering from mental illness, there may be things in your life that cause it. This could be stressful or lonely childhood, traumatic experiences, abuse at home or during marriage, low self-esteem or low self-esteem, or anything else that makes you anxious. If your tormentor is not acting, he or she may be suffering from some form of mental illness or disorder.


This is another reason to ask for help. Even if your tormentor is not mentally ill, he may not act because he is in a mental disorder. The most common reason is "I'm too scared to talk."


Psychological help is available, so take advantage of it. And get the support you need right away.


And remember that this pain is as excruciating as if you were experiencing it!



There is something called Torture by Association (TBA). This means that the person who was doing the torture has something personal to blame you for. Sometimes it's an action you did or a feeling you had toward them in the past. You may have hurt them in the past or caused them to hurt you, so the torture can be blamed on you.


If this is the case, try to figure out what the real problem is so you can begin fixing it. and not just blame you. For instance, if your boyfriend broke your heart and is now torturing you, tell him you have had a difficult time in the past with relationship issues, and offer to talk with him.


It takes two people to fix things, and you aren't the one person. who is at fault? But, if your boyfriend is hurting you and blaming you, find a way to fix the problem.


You have a lot to lose if you let your torturer tortures you. He may feel like he's doing a service to the community by torturing you, so you need to be very careful. You don't want to hurt your family or yourself and cause them to hurt him. Keep your cool when you need to, but remember that you are the victim here.


Try to think outside of the box if possible. For instance, if your torturer is acting out in violent behavior, think about what he might have done that would make them hurt you, and if you think that might make you feel more painful than the torturing you have endured.





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