Causes of Uncontrolled Uterine Prolapse Pain

A uterine prolapse is a medical term, which describes a situation in which the uterine supports of a woman's uterus get weak over a period of time. The uterus is actually one of the most important reproductive organs, which makes up an essential part of your body. In general, it is situated at the top of your pelvis and roughly shaped like an apple.


This organ is designed to ensure the proper functioning of all other parts of the female body, especially the reproductive system. In this way, the uterus helps make the vagina the largest and most powerful organ in a woman, capable of supporting pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and menstruation. It is known that this organ consists of two parts: the cervix and the vagina.


Uterine prolapse occurs when the support of the uterus becomes weak for a variety of reasons, which can vary from one woman to another. The most common causes are pregnancy, aging, uterine tumors and genetic predisposition. Most often, this condition occurs as a result of obstruction of blood flow in the uterus.


If uterine prolapse is left untreated, it can lead to problems. One of the most common complications a person can face due to this condition is bleeding. The bleeding caused by this disease is quite serious, so women suffering from it should immediately go to the nearest hospital.


One of the main complications of prolapse of the uterus is blockage of blood flow in the uterus. This condition, if not properly treated, can lead to serious complications. You usually notice that a blood clot forms at the bottom of the vagina and then is eventually absorbed into the body. Symptoms of this condition include vaginal discharge, pain during intercourse, itching, burning, and heavy bleeding.


Uterine prolapse occurs when blood flow to the uterus is obstructed. Some women do not notice that their uterus has been blocked until they begin to feel pain during intercourse or after childbirth. If not treated right away, this condition can eventually cause serious complications, so you should seek medical attention if you experience any of these symptoms.



One common treatment for uterine prolapse is through surgery. In most cases, a doctor will use a laparoscopy to see what is wrong


However, if there are no abnormalities, the doctor may just recommend the use of anti-inflammatory medicine to relieve the pain.


Women who are suffering from uterine prolapse can resort to natural remedies which can help the body recover faster. One such remedy is the use of herbs.


One of the most common herbs used in treating this condition is Black Cohosh. It is one of the herbs that many women rely on. Black Cohosh is often used in conjunction with other herbs to reduce pain and inflammation caused by this condition. It can also be used to ease contractions and promote healing.


You can easily purchase Black Cohosh in the form of capsules, pills, or liquid extract. Most of these herbs have a long list of benefits. Therefore, women can benefit from using them in order to prevent complications and pain caused by this condition.


Another great treatment that you can use is the use of tea tree oil. As one of the most powerful medicines used in treating this condition, tea tree oil is effective against uterine prolapse. You can buy this herb at your local health store or even make it at home.


Other popular natural remedies include garlic, ginger, ginseng, and gingko biloba. These herbs are commonly known as super herbs.




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